The landgrab of Instagram Reels, letting go of productivity, and the woke mob vs. the world

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Ladies and gentlemen, I am excited for this week’s newsletter. What a journey this week was between Christmas season beginning in my household, the intense Rittenhouse trial, the number of people being red-pilled by the left-wing MSM’s collective lie, posting my first reel and getting 2K views and much more.

As always, the format is simple:

  1. Ideas I’m thinking about
  2. Resources that are growing me or upgrading the quality of my life
  3. The latest content and announcements in my world

Let’s get into it.


Reels are a massive attention-grab. As someone who loves going balls deep into an incredible 4h long podcast that allows for tremendous learning and expansion to be had, I’ve been resistant to creating reels because I feel like it perpetuates the ever-decreasing, already low attention span. But I finally posted my first one with a terrible off-the-cuff video of me doing “Dad-like-dance moves”, partially inspired by my real Dad’s terrible dancing. I filmed it with the low-quality front-facing iPhone X camera, included zero relevant hashtags, and it was still pushed to almost 2,000 accounts. That’s bananas and unheard of for me as I have sub 800 followers at the moment. It turns out, reels are for reels.

YouTube removed the dislike button because they don’t want us unified. In the past week, YouTube started removing the number of dislikes from the public. Why? My hot take is that MSM propaganda, the current administration, and content supporting woke movements are getting disliked into oblivion right now as people wake up. And YouTube — a very liberal company — doesn’t want you to realize that we’re almost all on the same side. Too much unity to be had.

The left isn’t the problem, it’s the far left. I’ve found myself many times thinking it’s left vs. right, but at this point, it’s really not. The left has divided itself into woke and not woke, so I’ve shifted my thinking to 5 political buckets: far-left, liberal, centrist, moderate, and far-right. Currently, it’s all 4 stances vs. woke culture because almost everyone — including real liberals — are tired of these kinds of people and what they’re pushing. But it will stop when the rest of us collectively come together with our overwhelmingly large numbers and stop tolerating it.

Friends don’t let friends watch far-left MSM. Don’t get me wrong, far-right MSM has their own flaws too, but with the blatant lying, misreporting and obsession to make the Rittenhouse case, they’ve convinced an alarming amount of people that this white on white case is somehow about race, white privilege and white supremacy. Though the woke among us fell for this false narrative, they’ve completely outed themselves as liars and anyone with common sense can see it now. We’re officially not the crazy ones anymore — they are.

Why are the so-called “anti-racists” among us so hyper-fixated on the colour of one’s skin? Is this not the whole thing we’re trying to get away from? Shouldn’t we view our brothers and sisters within team-human not based on the surface of our skin but instead on the depths of our characters, values, and actions?

Surround yourself with people who you like talking to. I used to think I was avoiding social because I didn’t want to talk to people. It turns out, I’m loving social media right now because I’m talking to more and more like-minded people and weeding out the SJWs and plebes who want to debate with me 24/7. Speak your truth and let your world form around it.

It’s okay to leave people on read. This was a big one for me this week. I don’t need to have the debates with someone who’s not going to see my perspective anyways and just end up wasting my time. I don’t need to engage with someone who has ill intent behind their message. And even if I wanted to have a logical conversation, rational thinking and facts are so far out the window that it’s impossible to have a reason discussion with some of these crazies.

Attachment to productivity leads to less productivity. The more attached you are to the outcome of what you’re working on, the more stress, anxiety, and fear you’re going to experience — which is going to drain your energy. When you save that same energy through detachment to how if it’s going according to plan, you ultimately can get more done because you’re using that same energy to create.


Colin & Samir on MKHBD’s podcast. This conversation was a gold mine for any content creator. It’s filled with very nuanced insights on storytelling, retention, and “content market fit” from very successful YouTubers.

Steven Crowder. Remember that meme of the guy sitting down at a table with a sign that says a bold statement followed by, “change my mind?” Well, it turns out this guy is not just a meme. He’s a very smart man, a great debater and on his YouTube channel, he talks about politics from a conservative perspective. I’ve really enjoyed listening to this guy in the past couple of weeks. Here’s a good video to get started.

Candace Owens exposing Joseph Rosenbaum’s disturbing criminal record & BLM. It’s an uncomfortable video to watch. These are the kinds of people that the Black Lives Matter organization champions. It’s extra unfortunate because many well-intentioned, good-hearted black people are being totally fleeced by this organization.

The latest

My first Instagram reel — me dancing in the kitchen with purposefully bad dance moves like a Dad.

I’m back on TikTok! I still have no idea what I’m doing on this app, but we’ll get better.

The making of: Just start. For what was supposed to be my first video on the new channel, I filmed a behind the scenes to show you some of the creation process and what really goes on.

Why I’m not getting a full-frame camera yet. A quick check-in on my journey where I share why I decided not to get the Sony A7C.

Unboxing Sony ZV-1 accessories. In this vlog, we unbox the accessories I got to help improve my content creation setup that I got instead of the A7C. This vlog was my best edit in a hot minute. The pacing was mental for the first 5 minutes.

The Hero’s Journey. I updated my epic cinematic music Spotify playlist for the upcoming release of Spider-Man: No Way Home. God, I’m so excited for this movie. It’s going to be legendary.

Thank you so much for reading, guys.

Until next week, much love.


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