Hey, my name is Josh Moxey.

I’m a performance consultant, content creator and self-improvement addict.

I help entrepreneurs and creators get more out of themselves, their work & their businesses.

josh Moxey

Get more out of yourself and your work.

What would it be worth to you if you had more time, energy and clarity? How much more could you accomplish? How much faster could you reach your goals?

Using special tools and technology, I help entrepreneurs and creators maximize their performance on a day-to-day basis and level up in ways they only dreamed of.


As a creator in the self-improvement space, I make content that can help my clients and audience maximize their performance and allow me to share my experiences and experiments in my own journey. I do this through videos, newsletters, writing, podcasts and exclusive behind-the-scenes content on locals.

What the people have to say.

The thing I love about you the most is your commitment to levelling up. You find a pattern and you analyze it and make it your own. You are constantly dedicated to improving and it's the most positive thing. Please never stop.
—@azelmusic, 1.3 million followers on TikTok
I just ranted to my boyfriend about how great you are as we watched your YouTube video. Civilized, inspirational human. You're awesome.
—Nicole Jabari
You are criminally under viewed.
—Choi Veer
@joshmoxey always with the gems.
Josh Moxey is a walking W
You have such an ability for predicting the future.

Work With Me

Moxey Energetics

A luxury, quantum transformation service designed to support high performers in hitting their next level of results

Creative Work

Website re-design, SEO, video editing or Notion system design. All things branding and systems, I can help.