Hi! My name is Josh Moxey.

I’m an energy work specialist, content creator and self-improvement addict. I help entrepreneurs and creators grow, improve and evolve.

Josh Moxey


As a content creator in the self-improvement space, I am constantly aiming to pump out valuable insights and resources.

Whether it’s my videos, weekly newsletter, writing, or a rare episode on my podcast, I am doing my best to share anything that can assist my audience — those who are in a growth mindset and are committed to evolving in life, business and beyond.

Love from the Community

You are criminally under viewed.
—Choi Veer
The thing I love about you the most is your commitment to levelling up. You find a pattern and you analyze it and make it your own. You are constantly dedicated to improving and it's the most positive thing. Please never stop.
—Giuseppe Cuna (Azel)
I just ranted to my boyfriend about how great you are as we watched your YouTube video. Civilized, inspirational human. You're awesome.
—Nicole Jabari

Work With Me

Moxey Energetics

A luxury, quantum transformation service designed to support high performers in hitting their next level of results

Creative Work

Website re-design, SEO, video editing or Notion system design. All things branding and systems, I can help.