Finding clarity through avoidance, setting a price on your time and countering cancel culture

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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You’re constantly setting a price on your time, whether you realize it or not. Even if you’re not directly trading time for money, you’re still pricing your time by the value of what you choose to work on within your time. Choose wisely.

Documenting > debating. Instead of wasting time debating with someone who’s not going to see it your way anyways, put your opinions on wax, get back to work, and let things play out over time.

Be less romantic about how things get accomplished. You don’t know exactly it should go. The universe can be tapping you on the shoulder with a better solution, but your ego can be so attached to the way you “think” it should be that it stops you from turning around and finding the best option available.

Make a list of what you’re avoiding. Afterwards, you likely have a list of your top priorities that would be in your best interest to focus on. Now with this list ask yourself, “What is the one thing I can do such that by doing it, everything becomes easier or unnecessary?” and start there. Then, watch as the rush of momentum, self-belief, relief and joy flood in.

Optimize for skill early on, then growth as soon as you’re ready. Optimize for skill development early on but once your skills are strong enough, optimize for growth. I made 300 videos or so just improving my skills, and now that they’re harnessed enough, I’ve been able to start making videos with growth in made and it’s paying dividends. For the first time in a minute, I’m average 100 views per video which is unheard of for me on past channels, but it feels great.

Anything you ever create can be used to make your future creations better. The writing, audio, images or video that you create today can all be repurposed, reused, or recycled in your future work. Whether it’s a callback, a visual to show what you’re talking about, or a great point from an article that you archived — it can all be utilized in the future to not only make your work better but also make the creative process easier.

What if all the division you see is manufactured? Follow who benefits. Follow who’s profiting. Follow what’s being suppressed. Follow these things, and you’ll find the truth.

Don’t get so hijacked on politics that it affects your life. When you’re dealing with the current state of politics, it can be very easy to accidentally get locked into a fight or flight state that negatively affects your health, your sleep and the rest of your life. Even though I’m highly interested in American politics at the moment because we’re living through a time that you’ll tell your grandchildren about, I’m not so lost in the sauce that I forget about everything else. I keep my health in check above all, I continue to execute on what matters, I continue to improve myself and my world and then on the side, I keep myself up to date on the 20% of information that helps me understand 80% of the world events.


Airrack. Eric Decker is an up-and-coming content creator that I’ve been actively studying right now, and is so good that he gets back-to-back newsletter shoutouts from me. He’s inspiring me to make my content and storytelling that much better. He pushes the boundaries on storytelling with his insanely big ideas and is absolutely relentless with his execution. His videos are some of the most entertaining content that I’ve watched, but also incredibly educational if you know what to look for. I first binged the couch series, and I’m currently onto the yacht series. In between, his break-in video for Mayweather vs. Logan Paul was fire, too. Also, big ups to his team too including Mack, who is a tremendous producer and video editor and helps formulate the story and keep the pacing at a crazy high level.

Dave Portnoy Exposes Business Insider Hit Piece. As I said on Twitter, “Get fucked, cancel culture.” This is a very important event because usually, people go away and hide when they’re getting cancelled. But Dave did the opposite, went on the offence, and absolutely wrecked Business Insider and cancel culture with 38 pieces of evidence. I think Dave’s brilliant response is going to change the way people handle the woke mob going forward. The video is out of sync on YouTube, so here’s a vertical video on Instagram that might be better for watching.

Cold-brew. I’ve fallen back in love with this form of coffee, and it’s all from the comfort of my own home. It’s such a clean caffeine high, especially when paired with a spoon of oil. I highly recommend this for speed and tastiness purposes, and I’ll definitely do a video on how to make it at home at some point because you better believe I won’t be getting it from that one left-leaning corporate coffee company, lol.

What is it going to take? by Candace Owens. This video is filled with many uncomfortable truths and a very uncomfortable question — how much more are you willing to take before you wake up to the current reality of what’s going on in our world? It’s no wonder the left hates her — she’s incredibly logical, very empowered and sees right through the agendas at play. To winners, she’s cool as hell. But to victims, she’s their worst enemy because she’ll expose all of the lies that you’ve bought into from people that profit from your disempowerment.

2 extensions for tweeting without checking Twitter (on Chrome). At the moment, I’m doing an experiment right now where I avoid my Twitter feed and notifications while still tweeting, and here’s how I’m doing it. 1. Share to Twitter — a chrome extension that gives me a tweet pop-out box with whatever page I’m currently on, then I delete the link 2. News Feed Eradicator — another chrome extension that blocks my social media feeds from showing up because once I press send on the tweet, the feed would normally populate — and I don’t want to see any of it. Bonus tip: I utilize the + feature on the bottom right of the tweet to create a sequence of tweets so they all send at the same time.

Andy & DJ CTI: Pfizer Criminals, Boys In Girls Restrooms & Falling Dominos. Favourite podcast of the week. Of course, this is covering politics and culture, and Andy Frisella is my favourite person at the moment to keep up to date with politics because first and foremost, he’s an incredibly successful businessman who happens to have tremendous views on the world and isn’t holding back from sharing them. If I had the power to elect someone as president of the United States, it would be Andy Frisella.

The latest

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Write your ideas down. A quick blog post on why you should capture your ideas.

Why I’m standing with Dave Portnoy. A Twitter rant on my gripes with cancel culture, wrongful accusations and the Dave Portnoy situation.

I launched my personal website, but my reaction wasn’t what you’d expect. My raw thoughts after launching, where I talk about not waiting to be happy because the future is never as good as you expect. The only thing that’s worthwhile is the present.

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