Truth over feelings, 2 ways to climb a mountain & pro-American business

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Welcome back to another newsletter. In a minimalistic type of mood. Let’s get into the 3 sections — ideas, resources and the latest from me.


Don’t do what’s comfortable, do what’s right.

How can we learn from history if we keep knocking it down?

“Hard times create hard men. Hard men create soft times. Soft times create soft men. Soft men create hard times.” —Joe Rogan

Say it in as few words as possible. If you had to condense it down to its most minimal form, what could it look like?

Don’t do what the world tells you is most important. Do what your intuition is telling you to do; that thing you know in the depths of your soul is the correct course of action.

What if questions were more valuable than answers?

Be willing to feel the feeling. Tap into whatever’s coming up. Avoidance will just cause it to manifest in the background.

Life without spirituality and energy work is like hiking up a mountain but with a boulder on your back. You can still make it to the top and achieve your goal. But it’s going to be a whole lot harder, a lot less fun and your chances of success are dramatically reduced. With spirituality and energy work, however, you can let the boulder go and enjoy the journey and the destination.

Health is not only wealth — it’s everything. If your health is off, it impacts your emotional well-being, your mind, your quality of life, your connection with Source, those around you and your work/business.

Truth > feelings. The truth is more important than how you feel about the truth.

Be willing to sacrifice temporary relationships for your values and for your vision.

It’s a great time to be pro-American within business. The biggest growth over the next decade in American business will be from companies that support their country, contribute to their national economy and build their brand by developing high quality products that are exclusively “made in America”.


Yeonmi Park on JRE. A North Korean defector with a one-of-a-kind story. The first part of this interview was incredibly disturbing yet enlightening to what really goes on in North Korea and what communism is really like. The second part goes into her modern-day experiences in America with re-learning everything, freedom, oppression and battling woke-ism. In my eyes, this is a must-listen.

Guinea Pig Kids: Fauci’s Legacy of Cruel Experiments on Kids. Dark topics, continued. I was enraged after reading this. Stop trusting anything Fauci touches. He’s an evil mother fucker who doesn’t give a flying fuck about you or your health — let alone puppies or children.

Jocko Willink on JRE. Jocko is an absolute weapon and it was so nice to hear his rational and grounded takes on world events. Noteworthy: “Some people are just watching a different movie,” and his pro-American business stance. After watching this, it’s clear to me that he’s going to be massively successful in business someday.

How to Turn Awkwardness Into Attraction. Great psychological breakdown of Timothee Chamalet’s behaviour. As it turns out, I naturally live and breathe a lot of the concepts that were discussed in the video to make the most of my awkwardness, too!

I Survived 50 Hours in a Bunker by Airrack. A+ storytelling and editing. These guys keep pushing the limits on YouTube to a degree that I’m blown away by.

The latest

You don’t need a great camera to be a great creator. A video on my second channel chronicling the insights I had as to why I didn’t get a full-frame camera, why skills matter more than tools, and why story is king.

Thanks for reading! Until next week, much love.


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