Sitting with resistance, standing your ground, and moving on from the debate

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Welcome back to the second edition of the “Josh Moxey Newsletter”. God, I’m so creative with names.

The format is simple:

  • Ideas I’m thinking about
  • Resources that are upgrading the quality of my life, growing me, or entertaining me
  • the latest highlights of the recent content I’ve shared


Sit with resistance. Sit with stillness. I’ve been prone in the past to drinking lots of coffee, then using the caffeine high to run head-first into my most important task at a million miles an hour, but as I shift my focus from working with my hands on more normal projects like video editing and websites to more metaphysical projects like energy work, transformation and healing — it takes a whole different level of “being”. I felt a lot of resistance before I made some major moves this week with Moxey Energetics’ development, but instead of leveraging crazy amounts of caffeine for this stuff, I sat down with the resistance. I didn’t try to run away, I just confronted it. Then after enough time, I allowed source to work through me, I took the necessary action and calmly dismissed the ongoing seduction of “easier” things I could do, but weren’t the top priority. I tackled the key priorities including the system for ongoing support, the introductory session and more — and it feels incredible. It’s okay to slow down and be still. You might end up being even more productive than if you were to put your foot on the gas for no good reason.

Your ego likes creating limitations, but that doesn’t mean you need to believe them. With this newsletter, with my videos, with Moxey Energetics development, and with anything else in my life — I am seduced by my ego into thinking that things have to be a certain way. It can’t be this short, it can’t be that long. It has to include this, it can’t include that. It’s an endless cycle of subjective judgements that slow down the process of creation. To counteract this, I continue to test what it would be like if I did the opposite. Very quickly, I often see that it wasn’t the end of the world as my death-fearing-ego thought it would be, and sometimes, the outcome of the experiment is even better than the previous version. Don’t believe everything you’re told. Always be experimenting and testing egoic assumptions.

How can you make things simpler than they are already are? What might it look like if it was simple? In every area of my life that’s working the best, simplification has been the move. No matter what your system looks like, things can always be simplified even further, whether you believe it or not. We as humans are deeply attached to making things harder or more complex than they need to be, and it’s time to begin systematically removing that from your wiring. That’s been one of my accidental main focuses of 2021, and it’s been worth every ounce of energy. After years of overcomplicating Moxey Energetics, I’ve only recently been able to start executing on the essentials. I’ve continued to eliminate my ego’s subconscious desire for complexity and replaced it with enough simplicity that it’s no longer chaotic or overwhelming.

People typically stop trying to fuck with you when you show them that you can’t be fucked with. The woke mob doesn’t like when you see things differently than them and the more strongly you oppose their viewpoints, the harder they’ll try to hit you — in the short term. All you need to do is stand your ground, like a rock. These people are only coming at you because they believe that they can change your mind or influence you to do what they want. Once they realize that they don’t have any power over you and they can’t get what they want from the situation, they’ll realize they’re wasting their resources and they’ll move on to someone weaker who they can have an effect on. Stay grounded and stay strong my friends. Then, if/when there’s a better perspective, stance or data point available, take it. Because we’re not people who stay stuck in their past beliefs. We’re ever-evolving, truth-seeking beings who are constantly changing their mind for the better.

How much more evidence do people need before they’re going to wake up? I still see people trying to discredit logical observations and conclusions, rational questioning or objective counter-evidence to the current narratives by labelling it as “conspiracy theory,” but at this point, it’s quite the contrary. It’s conspiracy awareness. How many more of your rights and freedoms need to be taken away from you before you update your beliefs? The people up there that you’re fighting for, they don’t care about. Your neighbour across the road that you’ve been told to think is your enemy does, though. This world is changing, don’t get left behind…

Stop the debates and take action instead. We’re now over 600 days into this pandemic that started with “14 days to flatten the curve.” The climate is changing, however as more and more people begin to realize that we’ve collectively subscribed to the wrong storylines over the past 2 years, let the wrong people in power, with people in the middle and even liberals realizing how silly this has become. But there’s still a large percentage that has yet to wake up. Over the course of the past week, I’ve started to realize that with a lot of these people however, it’s not worth the debate anymore. These people are set in their ways. Their critical thinking skills are weak, their reference of history limited and they’ve been repeatedly hit in the face with such strong propaganda, that even when you put the facts directly in front of their eyes, they physically can’t see them. So instead of convincing your local quadruple vaxxed, triple masked, lockdown loving Karen, it’s time to move on without them. The capitalists, the entrepreneurs, the critical thinkers, and the creators — we all need to come together and take the necessary actions to shape this into a free world again because no one is coming to our rescue. We have to fix things ourselves with action. Our situations will change by supporting local businesses with shared values, getting involved in our community, voting in better leaders, speaking our truth without wasting time on debate, and continuing to improve ourselves and our businesses. No more discrimination or segratation based on vaccination status, no more masks, no more lockdowns. Let’s get back to life, just as it should have been from the start. If you disagree, feel free to go the fuck home and stay there — metaphorically and physically because you’re in a very, very small minority that shouldn’t ruin it for the rest of the population. Day by day, we’re getting there. For the first time in a while, I feel a sense of hope for the future of North America.


A $17,000 gamble on YouTube ft. Airrack by Colin & Samir. At the beginning of 2020, Airrack had just over 1000 subscribers. Over the course of the year, he would achieve his goal of hitting 1,000,000 subscribers by making some of the best content on the platform. This was from the summer of 2020 while he was in the middle of that journey and is a must listen for anyone who’s serious about becoming a successful content creator because this man knows what it takes to win big on YouTube. Incredible origin story from one of the most determined and persistent people in the game.

A report by Alex Berenson on another professional athlete collapsing on the field and the even more important follow-up, Why Athletes Matter — an article that covers why we should be concerned with responses like this, because these young men should be some of the healthiest humans alive. It also gives some important data around why you should think twice about getting vaccinated as a young male.

Eternals Soundtrack by Ramin Djawadi. The movie was pretty good (I was expecting better, to be transparent), but the soundtrack was glorious. I’ve had it on loop for the past week. My favourite songs so far are: The Domo, The Eternals Theme, Remember, Across the Oceans of Time and Isn’t It Beautiful. Of course, I also added it to my ever-growing soundtrack playlist on Spotify.

Is this a joke? Let’s go Brandon now banned?! by Russell Brand. This video was hilarious, not only for the continued hypocrisy of the left who screamed “Fuck Trump”, but also because of his reaction and jokes (especially at 3:25, I was howling with laughter). I’m absolutely loving Russ’ commentary on politics right now because he thinks both parties are part of a terrible system, and he’s right. The man has fascinating opinions, he’s hilarious and is someone who I enjoy listening to because he makes me question my beliefs from someone unidentified with either party. But alas, Let’s Go Brandon.

ModdedController360, Timothee Chalamet’s YouTube Channel from 2010. You know the man who’s becoming a household name within the acting world, and the recent lead for Dune? Well, he’s a year older than me and apparently while I was focusing on the content and video editing portion in my own YouTube journey, he was apparently dabbling in the gaming space too by modifying Xbox 360 controllers. It seems he scrapped the project quickly to focus on acting however, and boy am I glad he did because he’s one world-class at was he does now (and is only going to get better). It fires me the hell up to know what he’s done since this point, especially knowing that we were apparently in the same community many years ago. Good for you, man.

You Will Never Have All The Answers by Andy Frisella. A quick blog post that reminded me of a critical universal truth — though people pretend to know everything, no one has a clue what they’re doing. We’re all just figuring it out as we go.


Just Start. This was originally supposed to be the first video to kick off the new channel, but it became the 3rd instead. We move. Anyways, this was about overcoming resistance to taking the leap of faith. Here’s to a very exciting journey ahead, as I take my own leap of faith by taking YouTube seriously.

The Hero’s Journey. With the release of Eternals, I updated my ever-growing cinematic soundtrack playlist on Spotify. God, I love this playlist.

A public discussion that I had with someone on reddit who saw things very differently than me politically (to read it, click “continue this thread” on the link). This isn’t really “content” as it’s normally defined, but I thought it might be interesting for you guys to see how I usually approach discussions with someone I totally disagree with. Full transparency, I probably shouldn’t have even started this conversation, but I felt like I needed to counter-balance this overwhelmingly left-leaning thread with some right-wing perspectives lol.

No other content this week, but there’s a ton in development to be released soon.

Guys, I’m so fucking amped about this newsletter that I couldn’t stop thinking about it all week long. Now that I’m sitting down to write it, it’s feeling more and more like my favourite part of the week. Hell, as I wrap this up I’m already getting excited for the next newsletter. This series is fundamentally changing my content strategy, in the same way that vlogging changed my entire process back in January 2020. So excited to continue this format, and I hope it continues to bring a ton of value!

Please let me know if you want these to be slightly shorter, and I’ll opt for shorter ideas and instead expand on the ideas in their own respective blog posts.

Until next week, much love.


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