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Table of Contents

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Even if you wake the whole world up with one thing, if they’re not trained and aware enough, they’re just going to fall for the next thing. And how much control do we really have? Are people going to consistently wake up before it’s too late? I’m just over politics right now and I’m insanely discouraged that so many people fell for all the Russia vs. Ukraine narratives and are just back to supporting the current thing. Plus this liberal & NDP coalition in Canada has me just over it all right now. I’ll be back though because our world is at stake here.

When you’re feeling hopeless and powerless because you don’t have control over something significant in the world, create order by working towards your goals and moving forward in all the essential ways.

How many more “leaders” around the world need to say New World Order before you believe it’s real? And how far into the New World Order plans do we need to go before you realize that we’re deep into the agenda? They’re literally mocking your intelligence and you’re out here calling it just a conspiracy theory, proving them right.

If you’re on the same side as all of the globalists, you’re on the wrong side.

The mask is such a compliance device, that even when given the option to remove it, a scary percentage of the population is psychologically unable to take it off. Hopefully, it comes off with time, but it’s not going to happen overnight because many people are deeply programmed at the moment — especially in places like Canada.

If you’re not catching flak, you’re not over the target.

Free speech > censorship. Right speech corrects wrong speech and the truth always rises to the top. 1from Joe Rogan

People mistakenly think truth is supposed to be complex. They often look for the overly advanced, complicated concepts, when in actuality, truth often lies right in front of us in simple, cliche phrases we’ve heard too many times to count. Yet, without properly implementing or embodying the truths, our ego dismisses them. A master is first and foremost a master of the basics. You can only go as high as up as your foundation is deep.

Capturing video is a beautiful thing for telling stories, but there’s also incredible value in using writing as a tool too. It’s easily scannable, easily searchable, requires less editing, and the final output can be much more polished and thought through.


Mr Beast on JRE. Jimmy Donaldson is such a focused and intelligent individual. Obsessed with learning from this individual.

Andrew Schultz. I was just recently introduced to this man through an interview on Colin & Samir and I’ve been very impressed by his strategy and his comedy. With his ridiculous timing, willingness to dive head first into dangerous territory, insane level of contextual and specific knowledge in culture and elite level crowd work skills, this man is a legend in the making. Here’s a great clip of him absolutely roasting Justin Trudeau in Toronto and making such niche references to the city’s culture that even I, someone an hour away, didn’t fully understand.

Andy & DJI CTI from 3/24/22. As you’ve probably gathered if you’ve read my newsletter consistently (as it’s the most shared resource in this newsletter series to date), I am obsessed with a series on Real AF called “Cruise the Internet”. There’s something special about getting updates about the world through someone that’s worth over a billion dollars on paper, in an honest and hilarious way with him and his team, especially DJ. Long live Andy Frisella though. Hope this man runs for president someday, and I hope that by the time he does, I’m living in the US to experience it.

Kill Bill 67 by Jordan Peterson. This bill is troubling, to say the least. On the surface, the phraseology sounds good — who doesn’t want to be against racism? But when you dig deeper into this ideology, you’ll find that anti-racism principles actually perpetuate and encourage the continuation of racism, which is outlined well by this conversation. “Anti-racism” removes the individual elements, groups people based on the pigment of their skin and the past stereotypes associated with each respective race and pushes individuality, merit, choices and responsibility to the wayside — even going so far as to label those principles as racist, as well as you if you disagree with anti-racism. Lol. It’s the best mental gymnastics that I’ve heard in a while. This anti-racism agenda will end up creating more racism than it seeks to get rid of since it deems it okay to teach young non-white children that they’re oppressed by white and that they should be racist to their “oppressor”. How to completely destroy the minds of the future generation 101. This bill better be axed ASAP because our kids are already screwed up enough, we can’t have them brainwashed even further. 2Even though I’m a white male, I might write more on this because I’m insanely sick of the racial trash going on in this country right now, that is literally designed to create more racism in the net score

The latest

Masks are off! In Ontario, mask mandates are finally dropped. Feels amazing to not have the pressure to wear masks, even though I never have. It’s really cool to see more and more people’s smiles again and really interesting to hear people’s responses.

No other content. Lots of creation is brewing on the backend, but not ready to release anything quite yet.

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