Will I ever be ready?

As I go through the motions of entrepreneurship, getting “prepared”, crafting these productivity systems…

I sit here and wonder to myself…

Will I ever be ready?

I obsess over preparation, which turns into procrastination.

It’s lead me to the current results I have which are dissatisfying at best.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been great experiences, creations and skills that have built on this journey so far and I’m grateful for it.

But I want more.

And to hit that new level, I need to abandon the idea that I’m going to be ready, and I need to just jump anyways.

I’ll figure things out as I free fall.

Because if I keep waiting, I’ll never properly win in entrepreneurship because I’m never going to be fully ready to take the leap.

A lot of this is coming at a perfect time for me, and August Bradley’s newsletter really hit a chord with me today because I was ready for it.

After reading it, I realized that imposter syndrome can be more than just insecurity, or a “natural phenomenon”.

It’s a sign you may have chosen the right thing because you’re punching above your weight class.

You’re doing something that you’re underqualified for and underprepared for — but you’re in the game, and you’re doing it.

And if you keep placing one step in front of the other, getting up when you get knocked down, you’ll eventually win.

The best way to learn is within the game anyways.

I’m never going to feel ready enough.

I’m never going to feel prepared enough.

If I wait for a moment like this, I’ll be waiting forever.

Instead of wasting precious time, it’d be better to just jump now.

It’s time to take the leap.

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