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With performance consulting recently becoming my top priority (feels amazing to say this), I’ve been spending a lot more of my time creating internal processes and structure for the program. This comes in the form of writing both internal resources for the program’s library and creating external posts for the world, and I’m having so much fun with it. Most joy I’ve experienced in a while. 🙂

As I become deeply obsessed with the mission behind consulting, it’s overtaking how I think about content too and this is extremely likely to be a preview of the future main channel. Here are some posts of recent that you might find valuable:

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When there is any sort of resistance, getting to peace and neutrality is the answer. Attachment to either side of the coin of a situation makes you a slave to it — it happening, it not happening. This is true with decisions too. The best decisions come from relieving the resistance so you are free from either option and can select the proper option.

Life hacks are great — I’m actively hacking my life all the time. But all the life hacks in the world won’t matter if you neglect to focus on the root cause — clearing the energy that created the situation you’re trying to “hack”. And if you clear the underlying challenge at an energetic level, the life hacks either aren’t required (you’re likely to naturally do what’s essential or what’s best for you) or the effectiveness of those same life hacks is increased multiple fold.

The more time you allocate to healing and clearing your inner resistance, the more you operate from a different. It won’t necessarily be easy, it’ll be uncomfortable and challenging, and will require lots of courage. But working through the most uncomfortable thing in the world — feelings you don’t want to feel — will pay dividends forever.

The more systems and processes you can create, the less time is actively needed from you. The more I develop the infrastructure for my consulting programs, the more I automate myself and the less of my ongoing time is required. Build it once and receive the benefits of increased income, time and energy forever. What can you create today that makes life easier for your future self?

Don’t get addicted to busy. Busy is a trap. The goal of optimizing is to do less of the things you don’t want to do and more of the things you do want to do. The goal is spending your life in the way you actually want to, not necessarily adding more unless you genuinely want to.

Make a mediocre product and deal with the burden of selling it your whole life. Or, make a phenomenal product, that tackles all the details in the world that everyone else not only overlooks but couldn’t even think of, and be perpetually iterating on the product, getting as close to “perfection” as possible. Then, and only then, will people will sell your product for you for the rest of your business’ days. (Big love to Alex Hormozi and Andy Frisella)

Building brings me great happiness. When I began this journey of starting a consulting business, I didn’t realize how much this would be about building infrastructure, processes and systems — that’s how I’m really bringing this thing to life right now. All those years of unpaid system designing are really paying off now, and it’s been an absolute joy to create the aforementioned, plus the library of materials, resources and exercises for people to utilize on their journey. Ultimately, I think this comes back to 1) leaning into my natural wiring — I am a creative at heart. I love building things and 2) it aligns with my soul in a way that you can’t possibly understand until you’ve experienced it on your own.

The better I get at writing, the better I get at video creation. I think most people incorrectly perceive skills as being separate from one another, but throughout my whole life, I’ve found that skills bleed into each other a lot — there is always more overlap than you think. The more I write, the more it trains the meta-skills of storytelling, clarity of thought, communication, and quite literally, editing (as defined as what to include vs. what not to include). These translate not only into making videos, but into many areas beyond this including relationships, sales, marketing, speaking, decision-making — the list goes on. Training one skill often means you’re building the foundation for other skills, too.

The best way to speak about something with authority is to speak from experience. Experience is incredibly underrated — from learning, to skills, to teaching. Any time I try to relay others’ experiences or things I know but haven’t yet lived, it just doesn’t work the same. It feels out of integrity too. In order to properly do the subject justice, I must have first-hand experience with it.

Get woke, go broke. This is something that I and other people based in reality have been saying for years now, but it’s never been more obvious than it is right now. The Bud Light situation was major, and now Target is following suit too — both are getting absolutely destroyed. It’s pretty simple: common sense people are those with the money and they’re sick and tired of your gross progressive garbage. Sure, there are exceptions like the very subtle woke propaganda in Across The Spider-verse, but the movie makes a killing anyways because the other 99.9% of the movie was so damn good. But it’s movies like Top Gun, Avatar 2 and Super Mario Bros that are dominating at the box office because it doesn’t pander to the insane ideology of a very, very, very small group of people. Conversely, it’s companies like Ferrari who get it and are going to win even bigger because they aren’t going electric or hybrid, as they actually understand who their base is and what they want (and more importantly here, what they don’t want).

Learning a new language really changes your perspective. Being fluent in only one language, you start to think there’s only one way to say something. But when you add extra languages and the words become natural, they start to become synonyms in your mind as if they were all part of the same language.


Andy Frisella on how AI is contributing to the Great Reset and how they’ve intentionally manipulated all of you into thinking it’s a good thing. I’m going to continue to use AI as little as possible and make it my competitive advantage while everyone else sacrifices their ethics for a mission that’s inherently anti-human, all to make a little extra money in the short term. Of course, there’s a possibility I’m wrong here, but I have a funny feeling I’m going to be right as fuck like I am with most things in life.

Across the Spider-Verse. Beautiful movie, man. Minus a little bit of subtle woke propaganda, there’s lots of great messaging, amazing editing, and amazing animation. Very enjoyable experience as a consumer and very inspiring as a creator. Will re-watch this many times, as I did with the first Spider-Verse movie.

Duolingo. Big shoutout to this application for being right there with me for my journey of learning Spanish. It’s fun, incredibly gamified, and keeps me consistently coming back.

Peace process. The technique that’s right there at the foundation of my pivotal growth and evolution right now. Super thankful for this tool to work through inner resistance and achieve freedom. P.S. this is a pivotal technique I teach you how to use in my consulting programs

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