Taking the lead, the power of prioritization and selecting quality over price

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

Welcome back to another edition of the Josh Moxey newsletter. As always, the format is simple:

  • Ideas I’m thinking about
  • Resources that are raising the quality of my life and/or assisting my growth and evolution
  • The latest from me, including content and announcements

Let’s get into it.


Make your offer so good that it’s irresistible. Tay and I went to see 2 apartments this week. The first was an older building, the second was an affordable yet luxurious building launched in 2021. For a similar setup, the rent was only $250 more on the second, but the difference in quality was astronomical. It was night and day. For only a slight increase in rent, it felt like we were moving into an apartment worth that was worth double the rent because of all the [fine details in the design, technological value adds and elegant experience[. At that point, we knew we needed to have it. If you can figure out how to do this with your offer, you’ve fucking won.

What you prioritize and put your time and energy into gets done. On Tuesday, I started freaking out because time was ripping by and we still were in a causal search phase with the apartment and there wasn’t enough urgency being applied and became fearful we’d lose out on our preferred options if we didn’t act soon. Because this was such an important project, I then shifted and re-prioritized that as my main focus for the rest of the week and took the necessary actions required right after from scoping out the neighbourhoods in person, checking out more options, going for in-person tours, applying for the apartment of our choice, and it happened — we got exactly what we wanted. Channel your resources into exactly what your most important thing is, work on the right things at the right time of day, and it will get done.

Bet on yourself. Who else is going to if you don’t? Before anyone believes in you, you first need to believe in yourself. Expect a higher standard for yourself, then act accordingly. Put yourself in situations that expand you and force you to bring a new level out of you and make that your normal going forward. You’ve got this.

Let your inner alpha out. He or she wants to come out if you’ll them. I thrived with leadership and management this week on finding a new residence. I let my inner alpha out and he took the lead, took control, and got the right things done. We all have this inner beast, but it’s just a matter of you giving them permission to come out and dominate whatever you’re directing them to do.

Don’t shop for what’s cheapest. Shop for what solves the problem the best. Shop for value, not for the price tag. The answer isn’t necessary to lower your standards in what you buy, but rather to raise your standards and make more money so that you can buy what the best solution is for your current situation (within reason). If it’s going to solve the problem that much better, it could be better to pay the extra few cents and just focus on making more money. Note: situations of course vary so be thoughtful and analyze the risk on your own

Complying may give you temporary relief, but long term you give up both your freedoms and your neighbours’ freedoms. I understand that people think that wearing a mask, following lockdowns restrictions or getting the nth booster is going to get them access to everyday life in the short term, but all it’s doing is delaying the inevitable — this tyranny is never going away if we all go with it, and we’re going to have to all say no together if we ever want to take back our freedoms together. If you’re not down with the infringement of our rights, it’s time to be about it in your day-to-day actions. It’s going to get uncomfortable now or later — but uncomfortable times are coming either way. It’s your choice when they happen.


Jake Paul knocking out Tyron Woodley. The fight wasn’t his best, but this KO was crazy powerful and so loud that it sounded like it was right out of a fight scene in a movie. With this rematch, Jake has now officially knocked out every single opponent he’s faced. I’ll say it over and over again — it’s a bad idea to bet against the Paul brothers.

Rotten Tomatoes. Critic ratings for me are about as trustworthy as listening to CNN or MSNBC to get your news. Instead, I like to go by what the audience thinks. To select movies, I usually use Google’s movie rating system, but I’ve been very impressed with Rotten Tomatoes’ audience score recently for helping me select movies.

Andy Frisella’s Q&AF: Creating Enormous Value, Entrepreneur vs. Intrapreneur & Zero Options Mentality. This was so good that I re-listened to the second half of this three times. Andy has such a winning mentality, man.

Spider-Man: No Way Home. This movie was an emotional rollercoaster that closed the trilogy of Peter Parker incredibly well. Hell, it’s right up there in Endgame for me. I cried, I smiled, I laughed, then I cried some more. I had high expectations, but it surpassed them. I could say so much more, but I’d rather you just watch it if you’ve ever liked Spider-Man. Side note on the score, Michael Giacchino put together the best soundtrack in the trilogy, in my opinion.

SunCalc. This sun calculation tool helped me know exactly what the lighting situation would be for each potential apartment. You can calculate based on the time of the day and the date of the year based on the ever-changing sun conditions and helped me get a better understanding of what kind of natural lighting we’ll be getting.

20 Women vs. 1 Sideman: KSI Edition. Absolutely took me out with laughter. The now single KSI selects a group of girls to go on a date with but his friends tell him what to do. Chaos absolutely ensued.

The latest

Each chapter brings new discomfort. A quick look into all of the discomfort that I was feeling as I made the upcoming drone video. It was so new for me and I shared some gold while I was in the middle of expanding my comfort zone and embracing what was coming up for me.

Tay and I found an apartment — and it’s incredible! Over the last week, I took the lead on the moving project and it went really well. Very excited to move in for February at this absolutely beautiful place! I’d like to thank everyone involved, including Cathy, our great leasing expert, Mom for introducing us to this place, and Dad for helping us out with so much of it financially.

Thanks for reading! Until next week, much love.


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