Limit Your Loose Ends

In a world filled with new and exciting opportunities in the face of our less-than-sexy current work, it’s tempting to begin a new task or project before fully closing an old one. So instead, many times we near the end of the project, and take on a new one without wrapping up the former.

I think this can generally be a good thing unless it’s done in excess. We’re hungry for more of whatever game we’re playing. But when we take on too many projects with too many tasks that are left partially incomplete, it starts to weigh us down.

In the past couple of weeks, I began so many videos and didn’t bring any to full completion before moving on to the next one, and I found myself in a state of overwhelm and lacking happiness in regards to normally one of my favourite things: content creation.

To counteract these burdens, I started focusing on one video at a time and did whatever I could to close that video out. That meant doing tasks I didn’t love doing, but needed to be done for vlogs and videos — the hook, title, thumbnail, description and SEO.

With each unsexy but necessary task I completed, the more momentum was built and the more my stress reduced as a result.

I’m fully aware that there is no such thing as ever being complete on everything, and that’s not the goal. It is however, about reducing how many partially finished projects I have going on at once. The more open cycles and loose ends you have, the more unnecessary stress that’s likely to be experienced.

As my plate becomes more and more clear — even though I have many incomplete items in my pipeline still — I’m once again being seduced by the opportunity to start new projects before I complete the rest. I feel fortunate that I have such an eagerness to get started with all of these incredible projects, but I must be incredibly cautious with what I say yes to. Because not only are most of those inessential, but the more projects I take on at once, the lower my emotional well-being becomes as my energy is sucked by these vortexes of incompletion.

It’s an ongoing battle within productivity and energy management that must be won on a day-by-day basis. Limit your loose ends and choose wisely with how many new tasks and projects that you open.

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