Zero-sum success, giving love through uncomfortable truth, growing into your rate & what being despised by the media really means.

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Let’s get into it.


If someone is a threat to the establishment, they’re going to get massive blowback. In the upcoming elections, as of now I’ll be supporting candidates who are likely getting a ton of flak. It doesn’t mean they’re bad people, as everyone has dark aspects in their life that if the media and other career politicians and pro-establishment people focused on, they could turn into a major storyline and do their best to sewer you (cough, Trump, cough).

Publicly supporting an anti-establishment politician like Trump, Eric Greitans, etc. is the least you can do. These are the kind of people that even if you hate them, they’re still fighting for you. They want to give everyone the opportunity to make their life that much better and are actively going against the people who want to profit off of your suffering. The care from the anti-establishment is shown within their actions, not their empty promises like career politicians.

The principles, ideas and strategies for you to achieve your goals aren’t magic. They’re rarely secret and many times are widely available, but what’s rare is the necessary execution. That’s the hard part and why few people achieve what they’re after.

Success isn’t a zero-sum game. Your winning doesn’t equate to my losing. We can all kick ass in our way, love what we do, make an impact on the world, be in tremendous health, enjoy rich passions, have amazing relationships and experience an amazing existence on earth. When others have this but you don’t, be inspired. You can use their experience as an example, learn from them and then create your own version of this in your own life.

Charge more than you’re comfortable with. Whether it’s your hourly rate, your freelance rate, the cost of your product or service — price it higher than your lower self feels okay with, because I can assure you, fear will make your charge less than you otherwise should.

Telling the direct truth in a manner is a sign of respect. I feel like I’ve never been more direct with people than I am right now. I’ve been consistently having conversations and saying things that I probably shouldn’t say because I value truth and as someone who cares about people, I feel it my duty as a good friend, family member or neighbour to be upfront with people with an undertone of humility and not shy away from what I think.

Resources It’s one thing to hear things from the news, it’s another to see what the public is really thinking/saying. Deeply fascinated by this right now.

Sony ZV-1. Appreciation for my little camera that creates some badassery. For being an entry-level camera, I’m amazed at what this thing of beauty can do and I’ve been making some badass content with this recently.

The Offer. I haven’t even seen the Godfather yet but I’m 3 episodes into this and I’m really liking this show so far.

Andy Frisella’s experience meeting Donald Trump Jr. I listened to this a whopping 6 times because I found it that interesting. He also gives a perfect modern translation to understand what the corrupt establishment really means when they spew their buzz words.

The latest

Josh Moxey Podcast just got a re-brand. More updates coming soon 😉

That’s all for now. Until next week, be well.

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