Why I Started a Public Journal

If you’re anything like me, you can find yourself feeling like you need to make whatever you’re working on really, really good. I’m talking multiple re-writes, re-designs, and perfect SEO because you’re dedicated to perfection (or, maybe you’re just subconsciously driven by being not good enough). But in fact, that same mindset that can lead us to great heights in some areas, can manifest in other areas as resistance which can reduce or stop the flow of creation altogether.

To counteract this, I’m setting up a public journal to capture my thoughts in a raw format (you know, what blogs originally were like in early 2000’s). This format was inspired by a combination of GaryVee’s “Document Don’t Create” — a thesis that kept me consistently making content from 2017 to 2021 where I shared my raw thoughts on camera about my journey, and the inspiration was Ali Abdaal’s public journal.

Like Ali, I’m an avid private journaller of 6+ years. But in this private format, there are so many great insights and ideas that remain unshared with the world because it’s 11:47 pm and by that time I barely have any energy in the tank left to write in my journal, let alone enough to re-write the post 4 times, create an elegant flow, optimize it for SEO, create/find a relevant image, and share it to my socials — so I keep it raw and hidden instead.

This public journal however, is my solution to counteract this. The goal is to invest as little time and energy as possible into the editing or review stages, and instead just press post after writing something from stream of consciousness. It might be self-serving at times, where I publicly talk about something on my mind that I want out in the open. Other times, my goal may be to document something on my journey that can be something cool to look at someday. Other times, it might be a worthwhile insight into my journey that can bring people a lot of value.

Whatever the case may be, I want a safe place to keep things raw, simple and real. I hope you all enjoy this format as much as I will.

You can see my recent journal entries here.

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