The world waking up, the anti-establishment movement, cultural reset, and my new source of income

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Biology and reality matter more than ideology. If you want to identify a certain way, be my guest. But your worldview doesn’t matter within places like washrooms, prisons or sports.

The harder the left pushes to their extreme-left agenda, the higher the odds of a pendulum swing occurring and a modern-day Hitler coming into power. A lot of people don’t know this but Hitler was not only elected as a response to the economic disaster but also to correct far-left mess in the Weimar Republic. It contained a lot of the same patterns we’re seeing today — gender fluidity, transgenderism, sexual degeneracy, financial degeneracy, hyperinflation, etc. Throughout history, these are signs of impending societal collapse. I really fucking hope the left can realize this and self-correct themselves soon before it’s too late. Because if they don’t, the pendulum could swing so far in the opposite direction that could lead to tragic events occuring in the not-so-distant future. The temperature is changing, and they need to adapt accordingly before it gets ugly.

They’re going to do everything they can to burn the world to the ground in time for 2024 to make people so desperate for help that they’re willing to accept the globalist agenda.

Though it’s not always unicorns and rainbows, doing what you love is a cheat code to life. Though it’s real, it feels like I’m in a weird game where I now get paid a decent rate to make content for someone.

With every dollar that you make, save a little. Even if it’s a small amount of income. It’s the simplest trick in the financial book, but if done right over time, the compound effect of this can add up to create serious wealth. I’ve done a terrible job of saving in my life, and I’m going to try to improve going forward because there’s a shift occurring right now within me and I want to create a great financial situation.

While you’re waiting for something to arrive — whether it be a milestone, a product in the mail, a pay raise, a vacation — don’t sit around, waiting to be happy or to do what’s essential. Use this gap of time to push even harder, do even more, and evolve into an even better person so that by the time you get there, you can receive as an evolved being and not need it to make you happy — you’re already happy on your own and enjoying your process.

A lack of communication is almost always the main cause of a relationship’s failure.

Even if you create something in your reality, you can still have an energetic mismatch with fears, insecurities, doubts, etc. which results in imposter syndrome, internal resistance and capped potential. Heal this, or risk sabotaging your accomplishments thus far and how far you have to go, too.

Don’t become so obsessed with politics that the rest of your life burns. But don’t become so obsessed with the rest of your life that the rest of the world burns.

“Personal greatness is the antidote to oppression.“ —Andy Frisella. It’s not enough to just elect the right people to counteract the globalist movement. We also need a cultural reset which includes a dedication toward personal greatness in all areas, accountability, responsbility and the removal of political correctness.

Don’t just vote left or right, do your research to choose the best candidates. And right now, I’m supporting anti-establishment type of politicians who aren’t there to build a career, but rather to serve the population and aren’t willing to be bought and paid for.

The speed of waking up is increasing. With each issue, the world becomes more and more awake faster. COVID took the longest, then BLM, then Rittenhouse, then Ukraine, then the transgenderism push — the public is buying the narratives less and less.


Moon Knight. Honestly fuck Hollywood and Disney at this point because they’ve completely lost their way and are complicit and I might have to boycott full-on soon, but I’m really liking Moon Knight so far. I find it to be another refreshing story within the MCU.

REAL AF with Andy Frisella: 271. American Revival Part 2 Ft. Eric Greitens. First time hearing Eric speak and this was phenomenal. American needs more people like him.

‎REAL AF with Andy Frisella: 274. Andy & DJ CTI: Brooklyn Subway Shooter, Transgender Police In UK & BLM’s Mansion

Elon Musk’s Twitter feud. He bought 9.2% of twitter. Then offered to buy it outright, which they rejected and now he’s going to sewer the entire company. Personally, I hope Twitter burns to the ground. It’s the worst social network of the bunch. I only use it for searchability and a clean UI. If it didn’t have either, I’d be off of it so fast.

Double-double-ish coffee. Probably not the best for my health, but a good homemade instant coffee with cream and sugar has been some well-needed fuel recently.

The latest

Meeting Pierre Poilievre, the future Prime Minister of Canada. Such a wicked experience. Special video for me for obvious reasons, but I spent much more time on this than expected to transform this from some casual vlogging footage into a proper 3 act narrative after being in Casey Neistat’s course. It came out pretty well.

I began a content creation/marketing job/freelancer on staff type of role with my friend’s company, Hero! Such a cool opportunity to advance my filming, video editing and photography skills, while also getting paid a solid amount, working with people I enjoy being around and helping them build their empire. These young guns are going to win so big someday.

The Hero’s Journey, updated for Doctor Strange 2. Excited as fuck for this film.

That’s all for now. Until next week, be well.

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