1 Going on 10,000

Reps are underrated.

Though this post may not appear to be the first on this website, it’s the first post that I’m writing for it.

If I am to have the impact I desire, the communication strength I crave and the results I require, I need to put in the work that will get me there.

With my content, that means continuously communicating ideas that can help positively impact people.

Frequently and consistently.

No one’s born a pure talent.

They put in consistent reps to get there.

Let this blog serve as a reminder to you as I become a world class communicator over time – it won’t be accidental.

As I imagine myself many years down the line, it’s clear:

I put in consistent reps to get here.

I wasn’t born with “talent” in communication.

I took action to become the version of myself that is great at communication.

And I did that over and over and over again.

Whether I felt like it or not.

I just kept going.

At the same time, I equally enjoyed the process of the evolution.

The day to day climb is a gift.

Anyone can do this in their own craft if they’re committed.

They have to put in reps.

Not just some, but a lot.

Not 10’s. Not 100’s. But 1000’s and 1000’s.

This is what people who are great do.

They commit to the 1000’s.

10,000 hours. 10,000 no’s. 10,000 posts.

They do whatever it takes, because they’re truly committed.

To the mission.

To the vision.

To their evolution.

It’s not sexy to put in 10,000 of anything.

But winners are willing to do what it takes.

No matter what.

I’m excited for this blog, as it’s going to serve as another tool in addition to the vlog and the podcast where I can put in reps to get closer to becoming world class in communication.

So, I’ll see you in 10,000 posts Josh.

Something tells me you’ll be pretty damn good by then.


Post highly inspired by Seth Godin

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