Winners find a way to win

As tensions are high for all during the US 2020 Election Day, I want to remind you that regardless of whoever is elected, one thing remains true:⁣

Winners find a way to win, no matter what.⁣

You can place them in the worst conditions imaginable and they will still find a way to win.⁣

The world around them may influence their situation, but they focus on what they control and surrender the rest.⁣

They turn the challenges thrown at them into opportunities.⁣

They look for the gold in the dirt and they find it.⁣

They use whatever’s happening — “good” or “bad” to their advantage.⁣

The same is true here — no matter who is elected, know that there will be people who fundamentally disagree with who’s in the white house but they’ll still maximize said circumstances.⁣

This election clearly has an influence on the US and the rest of the world, but the outcome can’t control your life unless you allow it to.⁣

Going forward, what matters is how you choose to respond — how will you find a way to win, no matter the outcome?⁣

At the end of the day, you’re in control of your own reality.⁣

Not a president, not anyone else — you.⁣


Wishing all the folks in the US a civil and respectful election today. Please remember to treat your fellow human with respect, for this is just a game of different ways of looking at the world.

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