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Hello folks 👋🏻

Let’s try another “themed” edition of the newsletter again.

If you rework your schedule, you can optimize your time and energy, and ultimately, you can change your life.

Just because you’ve done things one way before doesn’t mean it’s the right way to do it going forward. What got you here, will not get you there.

For much of the past 5 years, I’ve found myself reflexively working on key tasks first thing, then working out mid day. But if I’m lifting heavy enough (which I do) and eating a ton (which I am), afterwards I’ve consistently felt tired to the point where it capped my potential output for the rest of the day. I’ll sit down to work, but my mind won’t be there. I’ll be mentally foggy, and struggle to get back to work. All I’ll want to do is take a nap. Especially without caffeine to not distract me from what’s really going on inside my body.

To counteract this, I recently decided to try out a whole new schedule and it’s fundamentally changed the game. I’ve shifted my training way later in the day (around the last 6 hours of my day, usually beginning around 3pm-7pm), then I have just enough time to eat my final meal afterwards.

Exhaustion (if it happens) is now very late in the day, and it’s fine because it’s the end of the day — I’d normally be gassed anyways. But weirdly enough, some days I have MORE energy and I want to continue working. It doesn’t make sense. But it’s working amazingly.

Do this for yourself, too.

Audit your schedule, identify what’s sabotaging your time, energy and focus the most.

“What is the one thing that’s sabotaging my day to day the most?”

Find a way to eliminate it, and replace it with something better.

“If I could eliminate this block or leak, how might I do it?”

If you can’t eliminate it, reduce it or find a different way to allocate the time in your schedule.

“If I could reduce this or find a better way to allocate my schedule, what might this look like?

Then test out the ideas and find what works best. Because while small, these small shifts could change everything. And how you spend your day to day is how you spend your life and what your life becomes.


A far better dopamine rush than working out is working on your most important work in this life, or just smashing out some key tasks.

The downloads are there, you just need to listen and capture them. Let the information and guidance be downloaded, captured and applied.

Pay attention to the signs. Accidents are often illusions. When the universe is consistently telling you something, listen.

Be aware of the lure of starting without finishing the previous thing. I’ve recently noticed that there’s this pattern in my life of doing this, and I’m working on being a better closer, because starting is much more fun for me than closing things out (ie. writing a script vs. filming it, filming vs. editing, writing vs. rewriting, capturing ideas vs. implementing ideas)

Notice the expansion vs. contraction in your energy. This is a massive secret that few people talk about in understanding the world. Your energy field and intuition contains more information than you could ever possibly imagine.

It’s cool to just let yourself have fun and meme in your edits. It doesn’t need to be so serious. You can let it be fun and lighter, even if the topic matter is intense.

“Pay attention to what’s flowing out of you like water.” —Samir of Colin and Samir. Got this from an episode from Creator Support. It’s simple and great. Audit what’s naturally occurring. What do you always do, with minimal work? What do you naturally do? And how can you bake it into your content strategy, your business strategy, etc? Example, writing about personal growth and optimization is flowing through me right now, so I’m leaning into it big time.

Do you really “need” to do it the way you think you do? Or will another alternative suffice? It’s wild what our minds will tell us about how things have to be done, when in reality, it’s usually incorrect and is just self sabotage from the ego. There are many roads to Rome, most of which your mind cannot comprehend.

Build a shit product or service and you’ll spend your whole life selling it. Invest the time to make your product exceptional and solving the problem as perfectly as possible, and your customers will spend the rest of your days selling it for you. [Alex Hormozi]

Don’t be so attached to “escaping the matrix” that you intentionally keep others trapped in it. Far nobler of a mission is to become financially independent through making people’s lives better and solving real challenges in the world.

If you don’t have the extra finances to allocate to outsourcing what you don’t want to do — who can you work with where the thing that you’ve put off, the thing you don’t want to do at all, is in their wheel house? And what thing can you do for them or help them with that they’re struggling with, but is either fun, simple or easy for you — or better yet, all three? This way, you both move forward.

Everyone has the same time in a day. But it’s the inputs and decisions that decide how it’s invested. Inputs being things like your health, food, water, where you work, where you live, what you’re listening to. Decisions being what you’re choosing to spend your time on, where you are choosing to be and the various commitments you’re actively making. Your time is also effected by prior decisions that dictate your current day to day like the job or business you’re in or where you’ve chosen to live — which you can 100% change if it’s time to switch things up.

We’re all playing for the same team but we’re taught that we’re not. This is of course, is intentional. What better way to keep the 8 billion people from rising up than to get them to rival each other over trivial and primitive bullshit? 1P.S., I’m not perfect at this either, but I am trying to tailor my message to unity because I accidentally become pretty divisive for a moment. That being said, I’ll continue to falter but I’m trying to do my best lol.

People aren’t thinking long-term enough about AI. You’re all playing right into the anti-human agenda and you don’t even see it because you’re blinded by short term greed and financial upside.


Andy Frisella X Alex Hormozi. These 2 legends collaborated again and I listened to this 3x. Amazing podcast episode.

Andrew Tate X PBD 2. Excellent interview. Colors on this video drove me a bit insane but besides that, amazing to have Andrew back doing podcast like this.

PBD x Flagrant. Really enjoyed this episode. I really wish PBD could run for president.

Candace Owens covering Jamie Foxx’s vaccine injury. The news of his coma broke my fucking heart and I wish him the best. I was so fucking mad. People are so stupid for continuing to blindly support this shit, no pun intended. How many more injuries and deaths will it take for the vaccine fanatics to open their eyes to reality?


Until next time, be well.


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