How urgency clarifies priorities, playing the game for life and The Matrix in real life

Table of Contents

Table of Contents

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Urgency clarifies your priorities. Looking for some crystal clear clarity on what really matters? Introduce an urgent timeline with an incentive and penalty at the end, either organically or artificially. I got news that my Mom, sister and I need to move by January 31st, 2022 and it immediately showed me exactly what was a priority and what didn’t matter. It helped me simplify, prioritize and cut that which didn’t matter — including but not limited to obsessing over politics, over-perfecting content, overthinking business and procrastinating on releasing Moxey Energetics.

When you’re playing the long game, it’s okay to have some balance. This week, I got practically nothing done and I was very much okay with it. My thoughts were in a different place, as was my physical, mental and physical energy — which was totally okay. I surrendered to it, I was honest with myself about how fragile I felt earlier in the week and gently let myself watch a lot of movies and TV with minimal productivity — and it felt super right. When you’re playing the game for life, you understand there’s a long journey ahead. You don’t need to burn yourself out, obsessing over productivity 24/7 when you know you’re completely misaligned. Finding your unique balance might reduce your short-term results, but can allow you to play the game for that much longer in the net score, producing more of the results you’re looking for with a way more desirable lifestyle.

We might just be watching different movies. You can be side by side with another, looking at the exact same situation, but there’s a completely different narrative playing in the person’s mind that doesn’t match the facts or reality, usually because of the media, their upbringing, etc. Have compassion — the other person may be very misguided. Or, you might be. Or, you both might be. (Shoutout to Jocko for this concept)

Stay in the rational zone. Talking with some very far-right people in the last week reminded me that they’re just as much in the crazy zone as the far-left is. Don’t stray too far in either political spectrum and stay in the zones where rational thought is had, to the point where even if you disagree with the other side, you could still have a reasonable conversation with one another.

What if we’re already in virtual reality? What if the Matrix is just a metaphor for what life actually is? Could we all be aware of it if we reached a certain level of evolution? What if this life is merely an illusion, albeit just a very convincing one? What if in the afterlife, we unplug from our “headsets” and return to a place where we hang out in between each “game?” If this is the case, do we really need to enter another form of virtual reality if we’re already deep within one?

Do not try and bend the spoon. A passage from The Matrix that resonated with me. ****Spoon boy: **”**Do not try and bend the spoon. That’s impossible. Instead… only try to realize the truth.” Neo: “What truth?” Spoon boy: “There is no spoon.” Neo: “There is no spoon?” Spoon boy: “Then you’ll see, that it is not the spoon that bends, it is only yourself.”


Matrix 1, Matrix 2 & Matrix 3. With all this talk of the metaverse, I was inspired to go back and re-watch this trilogy. As it turns out, I didn’t end up watching the 3rd way back when and it ended up being almost as good as the first, and boy did I miss out on that satisfactory finale. All 3 movies had me hooked as the pacing was insane for 2003 levels of movie production. They were also filled with so much truth that I’m surprised Hollywood let this fly. Great watches and I’m excited for the 4th to come out in December!

MrBeast’s $456,000 Squid Game in Real Life. This long-anticipated recreation got 42 million views within 24h, and for good reason. Great job by Jimmy and the team behind this, they smashed it. Even for someone who hasn’t watched Squid Game, this was still highly enjoyable.

Ben Shapiro on building a relationship on values rather than interests. A quick clip on what matters most when building a strong relationship in a political world.

New Yorkers Think Obesity Stems From Racism via The Daily Wire. This was a tremendous example of fact vs. fiction. Watch how white liberals approach this topic vs. how black people take personal responsibility and accountability for their own choices. This video fired me up because I’m so over the non-existent racial angles being pushed from the subtly racist democratic party that thrives on selling you that you’re a victim, then profits off of your victimhood. It shows you everything you need to know about the stupidity behind much of the racism conversation at the moment.

The latest

Announcement: As I mentioned earlier, as of January 31st, 2022, my sister and I will more than likely be moving to Waterloo, ON. Slightly nervous, but mostly excited for what this is going to do for my growth because honestly, I’ve recently realized that living with a parent in the same household has held me back. I’ve got 65 days to make this count and improve my financial situation to ease this transition. One step at a time, let’s do this.

No content this week. Lots more coming soon!

Thanks for reading. Much love to you all. Until next week,


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