About Josh Moxey

A little extra background on who I am

Hey, my name’s Josh. I’m currently 27 years old, living in Waterloo, Ontario. I’m a performance consultant that help entrepreneurs and creators get more out of themselves and their business and I create content about truth-seeking, self-improvement and my journey.

I’ve been committed to the path of mastery for over a decade, beginning my journey of self-improvement at only 15. I cultivated my growth mindset very early on and began to focus on utilizing spirituality for real-world growth and transformation, improving productivity on a day-to-day level, figuring out how I can get more and more out of myself and my businesses, building up a whole host of skills and acquiring a lot of useful tools over the years.

I’m a life-long creative, currently using my creativity most for making content. I’ve been making content on and off since 2008 across different niches. I love writing, filming, editing and using these creative methods to tell stories and share messages that can help others to grow, improve, evolve and expand.

I’m fuelled by having a positive impact on people at the deepest possible level, seeking truth, facilitating transformations and closing the gap on my potential and helping others do the same. I feel most alive when I’m growing — whether it be fulfilling my addiction to learning, self-improvement, cultivating new positive habits, improving my body through weight lifting, or healing blocks in my energetic field — and everything in my life seems to revolve around growing and helping others to do the same.

I’m not perfect by any means — I’m human, which means I’m fucked up just like you — but I’m committed to the path of mastery and I have some great knowledge, perspectives and tools to assist those who are ready to level up in life.

Where to find me

Performance consulting is where I work 1 on 1 with creators and entrepreneurs to get more out of themselves, their business and their work. If that’s something that might interest you, you can schedule a free consultation here.1P.S. Don’t worry! Instead of hard selling you on my services, we instead go through a session so you can get a preview of the work and then I’ll briefly outline how you can sign up for my programs if we’re a fit for each other. If we’re not, you walk away with value that’s well worth your time! I’d love to work with you to help facilitate profound transformations!

The main channel is my bread and butter. I make videos around self-improvement and my experiences.

The second channel is where I post more casual content, reaction videos and test out other experiments.

Locals is an exclusive area for people within my audience to see the behind-the-scenes of what I’m up to and get another side of me that you won’t see anywhere else.

My newsletter is a place where I share key thoughts and resources that I think you can find helpful. You can sign up soon, but the archives are there in the mean time.

Lastly, for anything else, check out the footer of this website. The accounts may or may not be deactivated, depending on where I’m at with my love/hate for social media.