About Josh Moxey

Behind the creator, student of life and future polymath

Josh Moxey is a quantum transformation practitioner, multi-disciplinary creator, and self-improvement addict. On the side, he makes content about all of the above.

From day 1, Josh has loved the process. His creative and entrepreneurial energies were first cultivated in his earliest days by throwing away the instruction manual and building his own worlds within LEGO — a theme that would paint his life for many decades.

Throughout his childhood and pre-teen years, he embarked on many creative pursuits and entrepreneurial endeavors including selling drawings of goalies within hockey, setting up lemonade stands, creating a mini golf course in his backyard, and launched his first YouTube channel for his friends to watch at the age of 12.

At 14, Josh became so obsessed with video games that he started a YouTube in the early days of YouTube gaming — a space that would later morph into what we now know as e-sports. Though not a skilled player of the games, he pivoted and dialed into his strengths and lead iconic, well known teams with 30+ people at a single time. He also developed his video editing skills to the point where he made it to the 3rd best editing team within his niche, and amassed a respectable following of almost 3K.

At 16, life felt purposeless to Josh. He became depressed and even contemplated suicide. Desperate for a change, he accepted his Mom’s guidance to listen to a CD set called “Your Wish is Your Command” by Kevin Trudeau, and it changed everything. Through continued repetition, a change of environment, and most importantly — root-cause work with his energy field — he transformed his perspective from pessimistic to optimistic, overcame his depression, and cultivated a growth mindset. He became addicted to questioning everything, learning about the universe, and improving himself on a physical and metaphysical level.

At only 17, he became deeply intrigued with getting to the root cause of why some things work and others don’t, that he began studying energy fields and quantum physics — the highest of understandings of how our universe works at this current time. He found mentors to guide him towards the truth, and got started as a practitioner within energy work. But then got so intrigued by business, so he morphed it to a side project that he continued educating himself on, and received sessions from practitioners to keep himself aligned with his goals and maximize his potential.

In 2016 (at age 18), Josh saw through the illusion of school and instead co-founded a startup within the video hiring space — his first official business. It didn’t go as planned, but it gave him great experience in leadership, marketing and design, and taught him critical lessons — one of which being how valuable it was to learn how to code. So in 2016, he transitioned into coding and taught himself to be a full stack web developer and built websites and web apps for the next 2 years. But realized that his impact was limited within this space…

After a few years of hiatus, he began creating content again in 2017. He started writing meaningful posts, and later in the year started his podcast. He understood he wasn’t going to be very good at first, but was committed to putting in the reps to grow his skill while documenting his journey in life and in business.

In 2018 at a certain point, he realized the impact he could make with technology was limited compared to that of the non-physical universe. He craved more impact, and invested into quantum transformation training. With his new found skillset, he worked on himself and others — and badass results occurred to the point where he knew he needed to make this his main focus. He let Resistance have the last laugh however, and again put off building this business for a couple more years.

Instead, over the next few years he would work on upgrading his skills and put in some serious reps on his podcast, Notion system designing (2019+), freelance creative work with websites, video editing and beyond (2020+) and weekly vlogging (2020+) before ultimately coming back to energy work in 2021 and focusing in on business.

In present time, Josh focused on building Moxey Energetics — a luxury service for entrepreneurs, executives and creators to hit a new level of results. On the side, he creates self improvement content on his YouTube channel, podcast, and other social media channels for others like him who are growth-minded and committed to evolving in life and in business.

As you can likely see with the above backstory, Josh Moxey is a self-taught, entrepreneurial, creative individual, who is committed to growth and evolution in the areas that matter most to him. A critical thinker at his core, Josh aims to look through the world’s illusions to not only think differently, but do differently. He is deeply passionate about having a positive impact on the world, and is obsessed with psychology, mindset, optimization, life hacking, lifestyle design, system design, health, mindfulness, and spirituality.

For almost a decade, Josh has been experimenting with the best ways to improve one’s self and one’s business results in order to maximize potential, output and design a life filled with badass results and deep rooted happiness. Join along on his journey as he transparently shares everything he’s learning, and if you’re extra serous about growth, consider becoming a member of Moxey Energetics.

Thanks for reading.